• Managing Fraud Risk: an ECI IMPACT Conference Panel

    July 1, 2020 Published: The Caq How can public companies mitigate fraud risk in times of uncertainty? The CAQ’s Margot Cella joins Holly Tucker, Partner at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services for a panel discussion at the 2020 ECI IMPACT Conference.

  • Profession in Focus: Audit Committee Considerations During COVID-19

    June 19, 2020 Published: The CAQ On this edition of Profession in Focus, the CAQ’s Vanessa Teitelbaum, Senior Director, Professional Practice, sits down with Brian Anderson, Corporate Director and CAQ Governing Board Member and Amy Rojik, Assurance Partner and Director at BDO’s Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting, to uncover what audit committee members should be focused

  • Anti-Fraud in Action: A Focus on Ethical Culture and Diversity During Crisis

    June 19, 2020 Published: The CAQ Margot Cella, Vice President, Research and Anti-Fraud Initiatives at the CAQ sits down with Stephen Rivera, Vice President, Global Technical Accounting Advisory Services & Policy at Johnson & Johnson on this episode of Anti-Fraud in Action, to discuss ethical culture and diversity during a crisis. https://www.thecaq.org/anti-fraud-in-action-a-focus-on-ethical-culture-and-diversity-during-crisis/

  • Europe and the coronavirus crisis: what’s next?

    June 12, 2020 Published: Accountancy Europe An update from the front line Our fourth coronavirus bonus episode looks at how a post Covid-19 Europe might look like in an interview with Eleni Kanelli, Head of Advocacy at Accountancy Europe. Eleni discusses with us her predictions for Europe following the recent EU recovery plan announcement and

  • New Auditing Documentary Premieres

    May 2020 Published: The CAQ The CAQ is supporting a new documentary, premiering June 5 on public television, about three young adults who discover how people of all backgrounds and passions forge their own career paths through the auditing profession. The CAQ’s support for the Making It Balance documentary is part of the Discover Audit initiative, which seeks to

  • IFRS 9 and IFRS 7 for Investors—disclosures about Expected Credit Losses

    June 4, 2020 Published: IFRS In this webcast for investors, Sue Lloyd, Vice-Chair of the International Accounting Standards Board, and Sid Kumar, CFA, technical staff member responsible for investor engagement, outline the information that entities will provide about ECL in their financial statements and notes prepared using IFRS 9 Financial Instruments and IFRS 7 Financial

  • The technology — and human — lessons of COVID-19

    May 22, 2020 Published: Journal of Accountancy The ninth annual JofA technology roundtable podcast was initially recorded in early March, just before the coronavirus pandemic started wreaking havoc on American lives and the economy. With the world at a dramatically different place than when we first recorded, the roundtable participants agreed to hold another call May 6

  • Attracting young people to public accounting

    May 18, 2020 Published: Journal of Accountancy A strategic imperative for making public accounting a welcoming profession for young people can help a firm secure its future, according to Johanna Sweaney Salt, CPA, CGMA, a partner at Gray, Salt & Associates LLP in Claremont, Calif. https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/videos/attract-young-people-to-public-accounting.html

  • Webcast: Approach to the second comprehensive review

    May 14, 2020 Published: IFRS In this webcast, Michelle Sansom and Yousouf Hansye, both members of the IASB Technical Staff, look at how the Board approached the second comprehensive review. The Request for Information seeks views on whether and how to align the IFRS for SMEs Standard with full IFRS Standards. The webcast is the

  • OECD Angel Gurría: ‘Covid-19 recession not the Great Depression’

    April 19, 2020 Published: BBC Andrew Marr spoke to the Secretary-General of the OECD Angel Gurría

  • Perspectives from audit leaders on the impact of COVID-19 on SOX.

    April 27, 2020 Published: The IIA Continuing The Conversation: Interview with Tom O’Reilly from AuditBoard Para ver video haga click en el siguiente vínculo: https://www.theiia.org/sites/auditchannel/Pages/Videos.aspx?v=409032388

  • Reporting and auditing during the coronavirus pandemic

    An update from the front line April 23, 2020 Published: Accountancy Europe In this special coronavirus episode, we talk to Hilde Blomme, Deputy CEO of Accountancy Europe. Hilde discusses the broader impacts that the pandemic is having on financial reporting and auditing. She notes the ways in which the reporting will need to adapt and

  • Accountants helping SMEs during coronavirus An update from the front line

    April 9, 2020 Published: Accountancy Europe In this special coronavirus episode, we talk to Accountancy Europe’s President Florin Toma. He works at an SME accountancy firm and is on the front line, helping SMEs survive the coronavirus crisis. He discusses how SMEs can protect themselves in the face of the global pandemic and the relationship

  • How CPAs can fight fraud in the COVID-19 pandemic

    April 6, 2020 Published: Journal of Accountancy Coronavirus is an opportunity for fraudsters to take advantage of fear and confusion. Elizabeth Woodward, CPA/CFF, and Howard Silverstone, CPA/CFF, discuss how accountants can identify and prevent coronavirus-related fraud. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why fraud thrives in times of crisis. Several common fraud schemes that become

  • The 2020s: A decade of change

    March 30, 2020 Published: Journal of Accountancy The next decade is expected to bring huge technological advancements and important demographic changes to the CPA profession as well as the business world. As they look forward to the next 10 years, firm leaders predict that to be successful, CPAs will need to: – Be willing to

  • March 2020 IASB podcast available now

    March 24, 2020 Published: IFRS In this episode of our monthly IASB podcast, International Accounting Standards Board Vice-Chair Sue Lloyd talks through the projects discussed during the March 2020 Board meeting. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this month’s meeting was held virtually and the agenda was reduced to three main topics: – IFRS 17 and the

  • Debrief: Discussion Paper: Business Combinations—Disclosures, Goodwill and Impairment

    March 19, 2020 Published: IFRS In this video, Chair of the International Accounting Standards Board Hans Hoogervorst gives a short summary of the consultation document published by the IASB on 19 March 2020. The document sets out possible improvements to the information companies report about acquisitions of businesses to help investors assess how successful those

  • How technology will change staffing needs

    March 2, 2020 Published: Journal of Accountancy With the growth in emerging technologies, CPA firms will start hiring business analysts and data scientists, explains Donny Shimamoto, CPA/CITP, CGMA, founder and managing director of Intraprise TechKnowlogies LLC. https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/videos/technology-will-change-cpa-staffing-needs.html

  • Webcast: Introducing the Request for Information: Comprehensive Review of the IFRS for SMEs Standard

    February 2020 Published: IFRS In this webcast, IASB Technical Staff members Yousouf Hansye and Nkumbulo Mabaso provide an overview of the IFRS for SMEs Standard and introduce the Request for Information published in January 2020. The Request for Information seeks views on whether and how to align the IFRS for SMEs Standard with full IFRS Standards. This webcast is

  • CDSB’s red lines and tracked changes to the EU Non- Financial Reporting Directive

    February 2020 Published: Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB)

  • IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts

    January 2020 Published: IFRS Darrel Scott, member of the International Accounting Standards Board, and Roberta Ravelli, member of the technical staff, report on the discussion at the January 2020 meeting of the Board about Amendments IFRS 17. For more information on the Amendments to IFRS 17 project, go to www.ifrs.org. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc0OvbvJn3E  

  • General Presentation and Disclosures

    February 10, 2020 Published: IFRS This is a recording of the live webinar introducing the Exposure Draft General Presentation and Disclosures, a consultation document of the Primary Financial Statements Project. For more information on the project, please go to www.ifrs.org.

  • Featured Video: Standards that work and high-quality implementation go hand-in-hand

    Published: FASB Russ Golden, Sue Cosper, and Shayne Kuhaneck look at how the FASB supports stakeholders applying new guidance.

  • VIDEO – PCAOB stakeholder Liaison Discusses Commenting on the Board´s Quality Control Concept Release

    January 27, 2020 Published: PCAOB Today, the PCAOB released a video discussing how to comment on its concept release on a potential approach to revising quality control standards. Please take a few minutes to watch this short video of Erin Dwyer, the PCAOB’s Deputy Director of External Affairs and the Stakeholder Liaison, describing why our stakeholders might consider commenting

  • Featured Video: Improving Revenue and Expense Information

    January 2020 Published: GASB The GASB’s Paulina Haro talks about the Revenue and Expense Recognition Project: what it’s all about, what’s happening, and what’s ahead. Ir a ver el video https://www.gasb.org/home

  • A New Focus: Corporate Culture: How to Assess Culture and Why

    December 3, 2019 Published: The CAQ Leaders take seriously setting the right tone at the top of their organizations. Stakeholders who have a role in the financial reporting ecosystem may be focused on compliance violations or internal audit findings and may not be focused on what the results tell them about the organization’s culture of

  • International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants

    Published: IESBA IESBA Chairman Dr. Stavros Thomadakis explains the practical significance of the revised and restructured Code, an enhanced platform for developing relevant ethics and independence standards that are globally operable in a world of changing technologies, business methods and public expectations. https://www.ethicsboard.org/international-code-ethics-professional-accountants

  • Interpretation Committee Podcast Q4 2019

    December 20, 2019 Published: IFRS Vice-Chair of the Board and Chair of the Interpretations Committee Sue Lloyd joins Technical Staff member Patrina Buchanan to discuss relevant activities and developments between October and December 2019. They summarise one final agenda decision to do with lease term and useful life of leasehold improvements, and two tentative agenda

  • How small firms should approach new technologies

    December 10, 2019 Published: Journal of Accountancy Small firms wishing to adopt new technologies should examine available services to determine which ones are the best fit for current systems, advises Daniel Moore, CPA. https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/videos/new-technologies-for-small-cpa-firms.html

  • Accountancy Europe Digital Day 2019

    November 27, 2019 Published: Accountancy Europe Matthew Griffin, Founder and CEO at 311 Institute, answered to the following questions at our Digital Day 2019: How can sustainability be combined with digitalisation? What role do you see for accountants in making technological advances more green?

  • OnRisk 2020: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning and Optimizing Risk

    Change the Way You View and Understand Risk December 3, 2019 Published: The Institute of Internal Auditors OnRisk 2020: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk offers a clear-eyed, holistic view of risk like no other. This new IIA report is the first to bring together perspectives from the boardroom, C-suite, and internal audit. Ver

  • How to build support for digital transformation

    November 25, 2019 Published: Journal of Accountancy CPAs are uniquely positioned in their organizations to lead, encourage, and catalyze digital transformation, says Dan Griffiths, CPA, CGMA, a partner with Tanner LLC in Salt Lake City. Ver video aquí https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/videos/build-support-for-digital-transformation.html

  • Tackling tax avoidance and evasion

    June 6, 2019 Published: OECD The fight against tax evasion and avoidance has been a major success story of the OECD and G20, leading to the implementation of global tax transparency standards and the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting package.

  • Preparing for the future: The Brave New World of Artificial Intelligence

    Published: OECD We need to anticipate the radical changes induced by globalisation, digitalisation and demographic shifts. For example, how can we build the skills of tomorrow’s workforce? How can we support risk-taking and entrepreneurship while safeguarding job quality, collective bargaining and social protection? How do we integrate the growing number of migrants to enhance solidarity,

  • Social media clip: Developments in Audit

    November 6, 2019 Pubished: FRC Following the publication of the Developments in Audit report, a social media clip has been produced to give the key highlights of the report. https://www.frc.org.uk/news/november-2019/social-media-clip-developments-in-audit-(1)

  • Variable Interest Entities and Private Companies

    October 2019 Published: FASB This brief case study video examines a key issue for the private company community: the new path for private companies with variable interest entities. FEATURED VIDEO aquí https://www.fasb.org/home

  • New technologies, ethics and accountability

    October 21, 2019 Published: ICAEW By: Kirstin Gillon, Technical Manager Tech Faculty This thought leadership report delves into the ethics of new technology. The seismic developments currently taking place in AI and algorithms are both exciting and morally concerning. What happens when machines do our thinking and decision-making for us? Where does the buck stop

  • SEC Educational Videos Aim to Help Investors Spot and Avoid Fraud

    October 11, 2019 Published: The SEC The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and Retail Strategy Task Force this week released new videos and Investor Alerts to help show investors what fraud looks like. Fraudsters will use every gimmick they can think of to get their hands on investors’ hard-earned money. These videos, along with our

  • What RPA is and how it works

    October 1, 2019 Published: Journal of Accountancy Robotic process automation is like an Excel macro that can work on multiple applications, says Danielle Supkis Cheek, CPA, director of entrepreneurial advisory services at PKF Texas. RPA can complete routine, repetitive tasks such as data entry, freeing up employee time from lower-level chores. https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/videos/what-is-robotic-process-automation.html

  • Profession in Focus: Communicating the Commitment to Audit Quality

    October 1, 2019 Published: The Caq This edition of Profession in Focus features Christopher Tower, National Assurance Managing Partner for Audit Quality and Professional Practice at BDO USA LLP. Tower provides an overview of the many ways that BDO communicates the firm’s strong commitment to audit quality, both externally and internally. He also provides insights

  • Profession in Focus: The Strong State of Investor Confidence in 2019

    September 18, 2019 Published: The Caq On this edition of Profession in Focus, get insights from CAQ Executive Director Julie Bell Lindsay on the state of US investor confidence. Lindsay provides context on the importance of strong investor confidence for the capital markets, gives an overview of the CAQ’s annual Main Street Investor Survey, and

  • New video: the Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation (JFAR)

    August 22, 2019 Published: Financial Reporting Council (FRC) What is the JFAR?Find out about what the Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation (JFAR) do and more about its Risk Perspective updates through this short video. https://www.frc.org.uk/news/new-august-2019/new-video-the-joint-forum-on-actuarial-regulation

  • Exposure Draft 69, Public Sector Financial Instruments, Amendments to IPSAS 41, Financial Instruments

    August 27, 2019 Published: IFAC Exposure Draft 69, Public Sector Financial Instruments, Amendments to IPSAS 41, Financial Instruments provides guidance on how to account for a number of important categories of financial instruments that are unique to the public sector. The proposed new Standard will augment existing guidance in IPSAS 41, Financial Instruments, and improves that Standard’s requirements by

  • Webcast on Critical Audit Matters

    April 1, 2019 Published: The Caq Auditors conducting audits in accordance with PCAOB auditing standards will soon be required to communicate critical audit matters in their auditor’s reports. The requirement will be applied first to audits of large accelerated filers with periods ending on or after June 30, 2019. In this CAQ webcast—recorded in April

  • Featured Video: FASB Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity

    August 2019 Published: FASB FASB Member Gary Buesser and Project Manager Aarika Friend look at the FASB’s proposal to improve guidance for certain financial instruments with characteristics of liabilities and equity, including convertible instruments. https://www.fasb.org/home

  • Profession in Focus: Accelerated Filers, ICFR Audits, and Investor Protection

    August 1, 2019 Published: The Caq On this edition of Profession in Focus, get insights on regulatory developments and investor protection from Catherine Ide, CPA, Senior Managing Director of Professional Practice and Member Services at the CAQ. Ide explains the significance of companies’ filing statuses, particularly regarding requirements related to audits of internal control over

  • Global Accountancy Education: Preparing Future-Ready Accountants

    July 2, 2019 Published: IFAC To assist Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs) and other key stakeholders to prepare future-ready professional accountants, IFAC is establishing a comprehensive, integrated approach to respond to accountancy education challenges and opportunities posed by a rapidly changing environment. Accountancy education is a strategic priority for IFAC. Consequently, it is important that the

  • Profession in Focus: Critical Audit Matters, Investors and Investor Relations

    July 15, 2019 Published: The CAQ On this edition of Profession in Focus, get insights on critical audit matters (CAMs), from Dennis McGowan, CPA, Technical Director of Professional Practice at the CAQ. McGowan provides an overview of the CAMs requirement, when it becomes effective, why investor relations professionals should anticipate CAMs questions, and what kinds

  • Overview of Exposure Draft Amendments to IFRS 17

    July 4, 2019 Published: IFRS A recorded webinar is available providing an overview of the Exposure Draft Amendments to IFRS 17, published by the International Accounting Standards Board on 26 June 2019. The presenters are Laura Kennedy and Roberta Ravelli, Technical Staff at the IFRS Foundation. This recording took place to provide national standard-setters with an overview of

  • Borrowing costs and revenue recognition

    June 24, 2019 Published: IFRS The IFRS Interpretations Committee (Committee) recently published an agenda decision on ‘over time transfer of a constructed good’. The agenda decision responds to a question received about the application of IAS 23 Borrowing Costs to the construction of a multi-unit housing development. The agenda decision explains why the Committee concluded that, in the specific