Transition to integrated reporting: A guide to getting started

September 20, 2021

Published: Value Reporting Foundation

The Value Reporting Foundation today publishes Transition to integrated reporting: A Guide to getting started to help report preparers develop a custom-fit transition plan to integrated reporting The Guide is a companion to the <IR> Framework, the principles-based, multi-capital framework used to accelerate integrated reporting across the world. Integrated reporting helps businesses think holistically about their strategy to build investor and key stakeholder confidence and improve future performance. With integrated reporting now being adopted in more than 70 countries worldwide, by over 2,500 organizations and with support from 40 stock exchanges and counting, more and more organizations are experiencing its benefits for business decision-making and long-term value creation.

The Guide explores the basics of integrated reporting, identifies potential catalysts for change, and offers a steppingstone approach to implementation. The sample roadmap, as shown in the diagram from the Guide, helps report preparers navigate their own unique circumstances, prompts ideas and supports the design of their tailored integrated report.

The Guide was launched via a webinar, where Lisa French, Chief Technical Officer – <IR> Framework, introduced it and explored key insights. Lisa French was joined by Cora Olsen, Director of Sustainability & Regeneration, Better Energy, and Michael Gebbert, Transformation Accounting and Taxes, EnBW who are leading the way in integrated reporting. They shared their practical experiences about adopting integrated reporting, the benefits they have experienced, the challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them. A recording of the webinar will be available shortly.


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