Rebuilding our confidence post-pandemic

August 6, 2021

Published: The Accountant

Chances are, you’ve probably lost track of how many times you’ve said that you can’t wait for lockdown to be over. For things to just get back to normal.

Well, as the restrictions begin to gradually ease, we seem to be getting closer to those wishes becoming a reality. But as exciting as it seems, for some, the prospect of venturing back into the world also comes with a great deal of anxiety.

I’ve heard friends saying that, overnight, their diaries have completely filled up. Others who have already begun socialising say that the first few events they’ve attended have left them exhausted. Some are even saying that just the thought of meeting with friends is proving overwhelming.

So, how can we counteract this? How can we go about rebuilding the confidence that we seem to have lost, and find ways to enjoy the easing of lockdown?


It might sound strange to talk about confidence being something that we can practice. But confidence is like a muscle, and over the past year, we’ve had fewer opportunities to use it. We’ve become used to a quieter way of life with less stimulation. Opportunities to spend time with each other have been few and far between, and as a result, some of our relational skills have faded.

Pace yourself

It’s understandable that we might want to jump back into our social lives, but it shouldn’t be done to the detriment to our health. We need to build it up steadily.

Find ways to control the situation

Human beings tend to feel safe when the stresses we’re facing are predictable. If you’re feeling nervous about lockdown ending, focus on the things you can influence and control. For instance, decide beforehand that if you arrive at a social event and find it uncomfortable, you’ll give yourself permission to leave.

Celebrate your achievements

You might feel foolish for being intimidated by a simple trip to a pub garden. Or even to a friend’s house. And when you push through those fears, you might not feel as though you’ve done something that deserves to be celebrated. But the simple fact is that in the throes of a global pandemic, challenging yourself to do something daunting – however seemingly small – is an achievement. And it’s important to celebrate our achievements, because when we do, we can find the strength to push ourselves further.

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