SASB Publishes Spanish Translations of 77 Industry Standards

French, German, and Japanese translations to follow

March 24, 2021

Published: SASB

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) today announced that Spanish translations are now available for its 77 industry Standards, with French, German, and Japanese translations forthcoming in the coming months. The translated industry standards follow the publication of French, German, Japanese, and Spanish translations of the SASB Standards Application Guidance and Implementation Primer, which were released in November 2020.

“Growing global attention on sustainability disclosure is increasing use of SASB Standards by companies around the world. To meet this international demand, we are pleased to start publishing translated industry standards, starting with Spanish and with additional languages soon to follow,” says SASB CEO Janine Guillot.

SASB reporters domiciled in Spain include Banco Santander, Repsol, Grifols, Endesa, and Red Electrica. “As the Spanish Association for Investor Relations, we represent over 85% of the Spanish Stock Exchange market capitalization. We’re seeing increasing interest from our listed companies in improving their disclosure to investors and using SASB Standards. We are very glad to see these Spanish translations, which will facilitate the growing use by of SASB Standards by companies and investors in Spain,” says Tomás Conde, ESG senior Advisor, La Asociación Española para las Relaciones con Inversores (AERI).

Interest in SASB Standards is also growing in Latin America. “At the Green Finance Advisory Board, we are convinced that the Latin American markets are underway to achieve standardization of ESG disclosure. We are convinced that SASB is one of the pioneering tools that will support the public markets to achieve this crucial goal, and we are sure that the translation of its standards will accelerate this process in the region. Now more than ever, financial materiality is key to integrating ESG data in any investment process, and SASB is a great tool for companies and investors to generate valuable information, more consistent and comparable for each industry,” says Alba Aguilar, Director General of Mexico’s Green Finance Advisory Board (CCFV).

Use of SASB Standards by international companies is growing. Of the 665 companies who have reported SASB metrics, 41% are domiciled outside of the U.S. Increasing corporate use of SASB Standards is propelled by increasing demand from global investors. 210 institutional investors— representing $70T AUM and 22 countries—support SASB and/or use SASB Standards to inform their investment decision-making.

The Spanish translations of the SASB Standards were reviewed by experts at KPMG Spain. The underlying translation glossary was reviewed by experts at Deloitte Advisory, S.L. SASB is grateful to KPMG Spain and Deloitte Advisory, S.L. for their support. To download the translated Standards, click here.


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