The IIA Releases New Practice Guide on Auditing Market Risk in Financial Institutions

December 17, 2020

Published: The IIA

Market risk has always been considered a key risk for financial services organizations. In today’s volatile global markets, regulators and supervisors are focused on market risk, emphasizing the necessity of having accurate models that can measure the capital impact of market activities on the financial viability of an institution.

Supervisors’ expanded expectations are giving internal audit a more relevant and active role in the assessment of market risk. In addition, an organization’s board of directors has direct responsibility on market risk oversight and governance, so internal audit should give independent assurance to the appropriate governance body.

“Auditing Market Risk in Financial Institutions” is new supplemental guidance to support internal auditors in the financial services sector with auditing investments in financial instruments relating to market risks.

Topics include:

·         Definitions and components of market risk.

·         Regulatory landscape.

·         Risk governance and management processes.

·         Planning and performing the engagement.


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