New Tone at the Top Explores the Current State of Data Governance and More…

February 13, 2020

Published: The Institute of Internal Auditors

With more than 2.5 quintillion bites of data being produced globally every day, it is not hyperbole to say that data governance is the biggest change facing governance today. It is an issue that expands daily and how organizations choose to approach it will allow them to capitalize on countless opportunities, while simultaneously exposing them to a multitude of risks.

Changes are happening as you read this, but there is still time to take a proactive approach to both the opportunities and the threats. The new issue of Tone at the Top explores the current data governance landscape and provides directors with guidance on what they can do now to meet the challenges this new frontier presents, starting with six key questions they need to be asking.

Download your free copy of Tone at the Top to learn how data governance is already impacting your organization, what the future holds, and how you can support your organization’s success.


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