Accounting Technicians – Exploring Opportunities for the Profession

February 26, 2019

Published: IFAC

By: Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA)

Whatever their stage of economic development, all countries, across all sectors, have a workforce supporting the preparation of financial information at an operational level. Timely, credible and reliable financial information is fundamental to successful investment, to effective governance and to the quality of service delivery both by this workforce and by professional accountants that rely on it. CAPA generally refers to this workforce as ‘accounting technicians’, although in many other countries the term accounting technicians (ATs) is not used at all and a different terminology such as bookkeeper, public finance accountant or accounting administrator may be used instead.

The ‘Accounting Technicians – Exploring Opportunities for the Profession’  publication is written for professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) with an aim to encourage these organisations to consider the importance of ATs in the accounting sector, and whether and how they might create, support, partner, liaise with, or otherwise assist with developing and/or strengthening an AT (or equivalent) cohort within their country. It is designed to assist PAOs increase their understanding of the following aspects:

– The services the AT sector provides

– The business and economic context within which the AT sector operates

– The case for encouraging the AT sector to adopt core professional values and comply with core professional requirements

– Opportunities for PAOs and their members

– Ways of developing and sustaining the AT sector

Accounting Technicians Introduction Video from CAPA Ltd. on Vimeo.


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