Internal Audit Foundation Releases New Anti-Bribery Report

May 11, 2018

Published: The Institute of Internal Auditors

With the global crackdown on bribery and corruption over the last decade, organizations are realizing the need to fully implement structured anti-bribery programs that are continuously monitored. A new report from the Internal Audit Foundation highlights the important role internal audit plays in assuring these programs are set up for success.

Auditing Anti-Bribery Programs discusses the importance of combatting bribery and empowers internal auditors to take a proactive role in providing assurance around their organization’s efforts by discussing:

– The elements of a stricter anti-bribery program

– How to audit anti-bribery measures

– Initiatives being implemented by leading global organizations

This report points to internal audit’s ability to evaluate the design, implementation, and effectiveness of the organization’s anti-bribery program and provides a sample anti-bribery program for reference. Visit  to learn more and get your FREE copy.


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