Voices: Five questions for the Accounting Singularity

March 05 2018

Published: AccountingToday

By: Daniel Hood

You may have heard of the Singularity — the moment predicted by futurists when the evolution of computers and software reaches a point that a true “artificial intelligence” is created. Beyond that, the futurists say, everything in our world will change so rapidly and so profoundly that predicting it all becomes impossible.

They say this because they have never lived through a singularity; if they had, they’d know that they never happen all at once, and even what seem like the most profound, rapid changes usually play out over periods of time that allow for at least some prediction, as well as some preparation.

Accounting, for instance, is at the beginning of such a singularity — a confluence of technologies that, in a relatively short span, will leave the profession unrecognizable. Fortunately, however, you have some breathing space to adjust, ranging anywhere from a few years up to a decade. Here are a handful of questions to get you started on figuring out your life during and after the Accounting Singularity:

  1. Why will people pay me?
  2. Who will I work with?
  3. What will I learn?
  4. How much time do I have? 
  5. How much will I have to change? 

Having answers to these questions won’t fully prepare you for life after the Singularity — given the scale of change, nothing can — but they can help make the transition through it a little less terrifying. See you on the other side!

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