Why Accountants Must Embrace Machine Learning

January 29,2018
Published: IFAC
By: Donny Shimamoto

There is currently much fear and hype around Artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on accountants. In Gartner’s Hype Cycle of Artificial Intelligence, the majority of AI applications are climbing and cresting the Peak of Inflated Expectations—meaning that expectations are high and many technologies are already failing to meet those expectations. But this doesn’t mean that AI is going to go away. It means that we’re starting to push through the hype and figure out realistic applications for AI—some of which will be useful to accountants and many of which will be leveraged by the organizations we serve.

– The Spectrum of Artificial Intelligence
– You’ve Already Experienced Machine Learning
– The Impact of Biased Data on Inductive Reasoning
– Machine Learning Implications for Auditors
– Machine Learning Implications for Management Accountants
– Opportunities in Enterprise Use of Machine Learning
– Accountants Must Embrace Machine Learning

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